We are Inphotopia

Inphotopia operates in the UK and Southern Africa. Established in 2008 with many years of combined experience & passion to bring you quality, effective Photogrpahy, multi media & marketing

Who we are.

Founded in 2008 by Zac Darkes, Inphotopia brings the best in Photography & Video to your event or organisation. Inphotopia offers Photography, Video & Social Media services. Inphotopia is a non-profit company we fund and managed several projects in Africa & the UK (www.zimlink.org, www.lawilink.org & www.uprisealbinism.org). Our multi awarding organisations help empower, educate, inform, transform to bring real social/economic change to individuals, companies & organisations.


Design State of the art logo, website & brand design, using the latest software.


Adverts, documentaries & promotional video, created for you to fit your needs.


World class photography covering every aspect of image creation , editing & production..


Social Media, digital marketing strategy & promotion.

Meet the family

The Zimlink (ZL) (Zimbabwe) mission is to grow into largest media house in the SADC region through media training and inclusion of the marginalised society. Our Vision is to transform the world through mutual exchange of information & skills. Empower individuals, communities & countries to communicate globally.

Lawilink (LL) (Malawi) founded by Zac Darkes is a media non-partisan, non-government organisation established and registered in February 2015. Lawilink is Zimlink’s sister organisation. The core business of Lawilink is to empower and educate through high quality low cost media services. Lawilink supports grass roots organisations & communities utilising; film production, websites, social media & articles.

Uprise Albinism (UA) (Malawi) is an extensive nationwide programme to end the abuse of persons with albinism suffering in Malawi. Born from Lawilink activities and Zac Darkes’ passion for change, we believe that if we work together we can end the discrimination of our brothers & sisters, provide medical assessment, care and education. Uprise Albinism offers a long term solution, we have the power in our hands to create a brighter future